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Based in Manila, Kick Engines is the premiere longboard retailer in the Philippines.
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Contact Us: 09178981202
Address: General Romulo Street, 54 Cubao Expo Araneta Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Length: 38.5″
Width: 9.875″
Wheelbase: 29.25″
Rocker: .75″
Concave: .5″

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 7,700

Grease Hammer

Grease Hammer

Length: 36”
Width: 9.875”
Wheelbase: 26/27”
Rocker: 0.5”
Concave: 0.75”
Thickness: 9-PLY

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 6,900

Earthwing Cap

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 1,400

Griffin Axcelspring Washer Cups

More information on the washers: Info

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 900

Belly Racer

There is nothing fancy about the belly racer. I was very inspired by and very much identify with the speed racing pioneers from the early days. They raced cars that they designed, engineered, and built from the belly tanks of planes in the mid 20th century. Those cars were stripped down, dirty, and fast. If it didn’t increase the speed, it didn’t need to be on the car. Much like those rides, the Belly Racer has everything you need, nothing you don’t. There are plenty of pretty skateboards with expensive graphics, like a perfect sunset on the beach, or complete custom graphics, custom grip tape, and all sorts of additional stuff. It’s all good and interesting, and I love seeing fancy skateboards, but this is not that. It was stripped down to the essentials. It’s just a truly perfect design, with a perfect shape, and a perfect concave that works for racing. It has multiple mounting options for reverse kingpin trucks of all angles, and standard geometry trucks for those with the grapes to race them.
Length: 37.5”
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 29”, 29 3/8”, 29 3/4”
Construction: 8 Ply maple

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 5,700

Carbon Superglider

Superglider. Efficient. Versatile. Legendary. Freedom. This is Earthwing’s first production deck. With each limited run, tweaks, improvements, and new construction ideas have helped shape this amazing deck into what you see today. Built with pre-cured unidirectional carbon with a thin maple core, this razor thin sprinter / bomber can handle anything… ANYTHING. It’s efficiency, and versatility make it a favorite for pros, and also an excellent deck for those taking their first plunge into the world of speed and danger. I could write forever, and never be able to explain the real feeling you get riding this thing. -Earthwing

Length: 38”
Width: 9.5”
Wheelbase: 26, 27”
Tail: 5.5”

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 6,100

Nersh Smoothies 70mm

Smoothies are the freeride version of the classic Candy shape. With bevelled edges and a stone-ground finish, Smoothies combine consistency and control while sliding with a performance inspired, fast rolling shape and urethane. For riders that want a smooth sliding freeride wheel right out of the box. -Nersh

Nersh Smoothies 76a

Availability: In Stock
Price: Php 2,950

70mm Nersh Candies

76a Candies are the softest of the bunch and are very popular for drift-intensive downhill and freeriding. The softer urethane deforms more while carving or cornering, providing a smoother, more controlled transition from grip to drift. Perfect for spending some quality sideways-time with your favorite hill. -Nersh
Green 76a: In Stock

78a Candies are popular with racers who wish to combine grip at high speeds with controlled drifting. At 78a, the stiffer urethane provides a snappy rebound through corners while maintaining its control during a drift. -Nersh
Purple 78a: In Stock

Red 80a: In Stock

Speed and grip are the name of the game for the 82a Candies. The harder urethane coupled with the large core in the wheel provide and ultra-stiff and snappy rebound through corners and maximum roll speed. For smooth pavement and high speeds. -Nersh
Yellow 82a: In Stock

Price: Php 2,950

72mm Slide B

A brief review of the 72mm Slide B 84a from Silverfishlongboarding.com

Red 78a: In Stock
Blue 81a: In Stock
Black 84a: In Stock
Price: Php 2,500


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